Sewa Sky Walker 1880 Carbon Fiber Tail

Sewa Sky Walker 1880 Carbon Fiber Tail

New Skywalker 2013, 1880mm carbon fiber tail version 

Spesification :

Airframe  Body Type  EPO With carbon structure
Finishing Coating and Coloring
Batteray 10.000 MaH
Duration 45-65 Minute
Flight Range Up to 60 Km
Wingspan 1880 mm
Take off Handlaunch
Power Electric
Altitude Up to 3000 m
Telemetry Range Up to 30 Km (optional 60 Km)
Wide Area on 400 m AGL Up to 200 ha (optional 1000 ha on long mode)
Waypoint Unlimited
Camera Sony QX 10 18 Mpixel
Weight 3-4,5 kg
Training Include 2 days on site
Camera record mode Autoshutter by distance
Easy handling Provide with hardcase
Maintenance and Support We provide maintenance and support in Indonesia are



1 Set UAV Sky Walker : Rp. 1.500.000,-/day
Pilot : Rp. 750.000,-/day
Co-Pilot : Rp. 500.000,-/day

Phone : (021) - 22887612
HP/WA 0818204075
Email :  

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